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The Church of the Holy Cross

It seems that Fransican friars built the Church of the Holy Cross at the end of 15th century. It was located on the northern shore of the Rauma river. The city of Rauma was founded in 1442. Among Turku, Ulvila, Porvoo, Viipuri and Naantali it is one of the oldest cities in Finland.

This church became a Lutheran church in 1640. It is like to have served as a Lutheran one soon after
the departure of the monks a century earlier.

The paintings on the inner walls and the vaults date from the Middle Ages and present a summary of the biblical history of salvation. The paintings were made during the time Bishop Arvid Kurki who carried out an inspection in Rauma on the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on 14th of September, 1512. It is presumed that the church was completed at that date.

The brass candelier in the middle aisle was donated by Johannes Veilanus from Rauma. According to the inscription on the magnificent 24-branched chandelier it was acquired in 1648 to decorate the church of true religion in his home town.

The wooden statue of the Holy Anna was also made in the Middle Ages. It was carved by a unknown Finnish sculptor. The statue is made out of oak and birch tree.

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